Message from the Executive Director

Energy Research at Georgia Tech

Few sectors affect the prosperity of every sphere of economic and socialSEI Executive Director Tim Leiuwen standing outside the CNES building. life or exert as much direct influence on general technological progress than energy. Concerns surrounding climate change, cost, equity, and security, have brought the development of a clean and diverse energy portfolio to the forefront of the national conversation.

Founded in 2004, the Strategic Energy Institute serves as system integrator for the more than 1000 campus researchers working across the entire energy value chain.  We are deeply engaged in building community, developing resources, and projecting thought leadership, all with the aim of marshalling the full resources of Georgia Tech around tackling the tough energy and environmental problems society faces. 

As the nation’s largest technologically focused university, Georgia Tech is playing an integral role in developing the technologies that are enabling more equitable, lower cost, and cleaner generation, storage, distribution, and utilization of energy. Researchers at Georgia Tech are not just helping to create cleaner, more efficient fuel options or mitigate the environmental impact of conventional energy supplies, they are creating better performing, more economically viable energy options.

We invite you to explore the people and projects as well as the science and technologies that are creating a clean energy future.

Tim Lieuwen
Executive Director

Our Mission

The Strategic Energy Institute was established to serve as a conduit for integrating, facilitating, and enabling Institute-wide programs in energy research and development. Engaging the best and brightest from industry, government, and academia, SEI will foster innovative solutions to current and future energy challenges.

Our Vision

SEI develops technologies, policies, and educational programs that have the potential for offering high-impact solutions to pressing near-term energy issues. SEI engages in fundamental energy-related research that will have a long-term, transformative effect on our nation's energy future.